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Bliss isn’t just the title track of Kian’s debut EP. It’s the lens through which this fresh global talent sees the world.

“The song is pretty dark and it feels almost haunting,” he explains, “but in a way it’s kind of beautiful as well. If something bad happens, then something good will happen. And vice versa. That’s the philosophy I have.”

Eked out on acoustic guitar in his bedroom, Bliss captures the reality of being a young person making their way in this complicated world. And while it grapples with some heavy subjects, it’s hard to go past the inspiring message at the song’s core: it’s okay to be vulnerable, it’s okay for boys to cry.

“I think that in my adolescence I have experienced things, both good and bad. So I just want to express that for myself and get those emotions out. But also let other people relate and feel like they’re not alone.”

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