The Lazy Eyes
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Deep in Sydney, Australia’s quaint suburbia lies the nonchalant ‘Lindfield Studios’. A cosy blue house turned creative hub where raging guitars, sombre grand pianos and more bleed from a single room into its cascading bushland. The serenity of the space, albeit unassuming, weaves its way across The Lazy Eyes’ music, who douse the neighbourhood in a psychedelic ooze.

With their first EP, The Lazy Eyes introduced themselves as members of psych rock’s new vanguard – trained musicians and adherents of rock’s golden era, capable of absorbing these influences into new melodies (Cheesy Love Song) and impulse driven riffs (Tangerine) that remain incredibly of our time.

‘Where’s My Brain???’ is the first taste of their next chapter, a leap further into the driving rhythms of King Gizzard and Black Sabbath. Their most distorted release to date, hypnotic drums and bass that support the adventures of countless polymetric dual guitar solos. Unabashedly unkempt and distilled in its purest form, ‘Where’s My Brain???’ is lifted from their forthcoming second EP. “We always end the live shows with this one, it’s so fun and loose, ” the band shared. “Even if our pedalboards have melted and our amps have caught fire, we always trust this song to bring it home.”

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