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Tyde Levi hasn’t always made music, but you’d be forgiven for thinking he has. The Melbourne-based, Perth-bred 18-year-old sings with a confidence and agility that belie his age. The first time Tyde sang, though––as in, really sang, not just singing along to Frank Ocean in the shower––was just under two years ago, when a producer friend of his asked him to lay a vocal on a track he was working on. Hesitant at first––his brother was a singer, but he just sang for fun, absent-mindedly––he recorded a vocal for the song. And he loved it.

Before this, he had wanted to be a producer, but wasn’t cut out for it. (He didn’t have the patience.) The rush and the thrill of singing was instantly intoxicating, perfect for Tyde, a bright-eyed kid from Perth who loves to move forward, who loves to experience things, who can’t sit still. 18 months on from this curiously life-altering non-event, Tyde still loves the rush of singing. But now, the thrill is even sweeter, because he gets to make music on his own terms, art that reflects the strong, unique individual that he is today.

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